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AuthorTopic: AROS ports + How to get back into C/C++  (Read 3082 times)

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Offline Rodney

Re: AROS ports + How to get back into C/C++
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2003, 11:49:37 AM »

Emufreak wrote:
Well I try to port that at the moment. So we should probably try to coordinate that a bit. I have to be honest here too. My problem is I can't make too much promises. Because I have just very little time and very little experience in C/C++. What I wan't to say with that is, that I'm motivated right now but I might give up realizing that it's a bit too difficult or that I just don't have enough time for it.

Thats fantastic :) So you'r porting it to AROS atm? You'r concerns about skill level are echoed in my mind as well. Although, theres no telling, and once i "truly" get started on a project, i know i'll find it hard to stop, and i've played the R&D role in a few projects before, so im used to "digging" for information.

ATM im reading the xevil archetectural document. It goes throught he modules and their relationships, duties etc. Its not a bad read. Have you read  it? How far through are you in you'r efforts?

Also, where are you from? country etc!?
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We are Spirits having a Human experiance.

Offline Emufreak

Re: AROS ports + How to get back into C/C++
« Reply #16 on: November 28, 2003, 12:35:49 PM »
I just did some stuff to prepare for the porting

I read this paper too. I didn't quiet get everything in it. But it's a good start anyway.

I also looked at the directory structure of the source code. Right now its divided into 3 parts.
The cmn directory with the code that is used in all versions. We might have to make some changes in this part to so.  There's stuff like #IFDEF Win32 and #IFDEF X11 in it.

Then there is an X11 directory for linux and a win directory for windows. Well at least if you look at the amount of code I think the linuxversion is probably easier to port. The GUI of the Linuxversion isn't quite as good as the GUI for the Windowsversion. I would still take the Linuxversion because we have to rewrite the GUI anyway. I would start with a simple GUI and then we can improve it later.

I really don't quite now where to start with porting. At first I thought I could start with the graphic functions in X11/draw.cpp or something like that. But they depend so heavily on the other objects that this could be difficult. Right now I think we should start with main and port function for function. We should probably have a talk with the guys who ported it for windows first.

I also tried to write a small programm that opens a cybergraphicsscreen. But StormC seems to have some problems with the pragmas in the includefiles. You can find out more about this in the following threat.


I think Xevil should run on the following Amiga- and Amigalike systems:

Classic Amigas with 68x or PPC and Graphiccard

PS: I'm from Switzerland

Offline Rodney

Re: AROS ports + How to get back into C/C++
« Reply #17 on: November 28, 2003, 12:52:23 PM »
Yup here what i've figured so far. I may even be tempted to write up a document describing how i think i should go about it ect. It also may be helpful to get others in on the project. That is, others who know what to do when it comes to creating Amiga interfaces and playing around with Amiga specific functions for drawing ect...

Having said that, i dont believe anything from the X11 or Win32 directorys should be ported. It may be easier to do so , but it may be harder. For example, if we wanna port the unix stuff, there's gunna have to be a port of libXPM which is the X pixmap library they use to draw the images... or something like that.

I also believe that starting from Main could be a bad idea. Although its prolly more intuitive to start from the start, its going to have the most dependancies. When i say dependancies, i mean included C++ files. So i think it may be smart to start at the other end, then when we get to the main function, all the other stuff would have been done and it should be trivial from there :)... However, it may be a good idea to start from main when initialy reading through the code to get an idea of the system.

But maybe a good place to start would be utils.cpp ? Or something like that. I think it may have some include files, but im not sure how it uses them, because it was explained to be a C runtime wrapper.

Also, i already know of stuff we should NOT touch for the moment. Such as Role and the streams files. That is, the client server stuff. I hope, we dont have to port those unless we want a client/server game. I dont have to start a server to run Xevil so im guessing that stuff is not neccessary. Althoug having said that, Role has three things (interfaces/objects?) called Client, Sever and Standalone... Im guessing then we may have to port Role, but only the standalone thingo, for the moment :)

As i may or may not have mentioned, i read the document now, but i'll have to go over some of the diagrams again to get a good feel for the module hierarchy.

Anyway, theres still a lot of reading to do. Also, i noticed on the AROS dev manual (if it infact was that) that ViM would be nice to be ported... I know these pages are old, but maybe that'd be a nice project as well? It might be a little easier too... although now i remember its not JUST a text editor, its pretty powerful :)

Well, im gunna relax a little, surf, maybe read some more, i'll cya later :)
We are not Humans having a spirital experiance
We are Spirits having a Human experiance.