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Author Topic: Evert Carton leaves Hyperion  (Read 19499 times)


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Re: Evert Carton leaves Hyperion
« Reply #119 from previous page: April 28, 2011, 04:00:32 AM »
Quote from: Piru;633446
Care to back that claim up somehow?

I have expressed my critical opinion of OS4 (and other) hardware on several occasions but I don't think that qualifies as "spamming in a blatant attempt at promoting his own product". If you care to challenge any of the arguments I've presented in those threads, please do so.

Hyperion representatives on the other hand have been highly unprofessional on numerous occasions, the worst offender being Ben Hermans: http://www.biclodon.com/misc/amigafarm/benhermans/. Mr Evert is of course famous for this unfortunate and misguided comment of AROS being "probably illegal".

You are becoming more and more a morph troll Piru . Every time i go in here i see your negative toned comments or critics towards os4\hyperion or one of the companies that makes or develop boards for os4. Or even better posting some troll bate thread like the paper mobo one.
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Re: Evert Carton leaves Hyperion
« Reply #120 on: April 28, 2011, 04:55:54 AM »
Quote from: runequester;634036
as it turns out stealth isnt a huge difference when the opposition is a bunch of goat herders

Well, there's goat herders, then there's (CIA trained stinger missile armed) goat herders :D