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AuthorTopic: Big Up the Everywhere Massive :)  (Read 791 times)

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Offline Crunchy

Big Up the Everywhere Massive :)
« on: April 15, 2012, 12:20:26 AM »
Hi, I'm Crunchy and I live in Wilts, UK.

I like games...like a lot. No...really, a lot.
Had many machines over the years, including several Amigas.
A500's mainly but I've rocked a tweaked A1200 that I got second hand.
BITD my A500 was my pride and joy.

My current pride and joy is my PC, for which i bought AF2012 for the benefit of getting my greasy paws on classics from the early 90's, both those i remember fondly and those I missed when I moved to consoles.

You'll usually find my posts when I'm trolling for advice on getting things to work.

Oh well, back to swearing at AF12. :furious:
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Thinking you know why you behave as you do gives you all sorts of excuses for extraordinary behavior.:crazy: