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AuthorTopic: Going back into the AMIGA since 1997  (Read 1104 times)

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Going back into the AMIGA since 1997
« on: January 12, 2011, 04:51:23 PM »
I realized that I never introduced myself in this forum.

My name is Steve Eggers. I live in Texas, but will be relocating soon to Oklahoma to pursue new career opportunities.

I got my start in computers with a TI-99/4A and was pretty devoted to them until I saw my first AMIGA 500. So, I dumped all that and I got my first Amiga 500 system in 1989. I was pretty proud of that system.

Later, in 1992, I upgraded that system with a Bodega Bay Expansion Chassis. The guys in the A500 guys in the Amiga Club thought that was pretty cool, but I always go asked the same question, "Why didn't you just buy a 2000?"

So, I sold it all and got a 2000 and started expanding it out. I still remember the specs of my system:

Commodore 030 board, PC2088 bridge board, A-MaxII+, IVS Trumpcard Pro with a HUGE 50MB HD, A2320 Flicker Fixer and 5 MB RAM card. I thought I was pretty cool!

I later upgraded that system to an A3000/16Mhz and held on to it until I sold it in 1997. A MISTAKE!!

So, here it is 2011 and I have since acquired 3 A500s (two Rev5s and one Rev 6), one of them has an AdRAM 540 in it. I upgraded two of them with ECS, one is a KS 1.3*machine, one is KS 2.0 and the last is KS3.1. I have a ROCTEC RocHard 500 with 8MB RAM on the 3.1 machine.

I also picked up a nice A3000/25, Rev 7.3 mobo, off eBay. KS 3.1 machine. I removed the 100MB HD and put in a 1 GB HD.

Lastly, I have a stock A1200, KS3.0 with a GVP 1230/40/8 accelerator and I removed the HD and added a 4GB CF.

So now I am tackling relearning everything I forgot. I am very happy and surprised at the following the AMIGA still has. I am grateful to everyone here who has answered my questions to get up to speed again.

Thanks for having me!!\

Steve E

-AmigaOne x5000 | 8GB RAM | AOS 4.1| Radeon 7770
-Amiga 2000 | GVP 030 Combo | 9MB RAM | 4GB HD | Flicker Fixer | Cybervision 64/3D