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AuthorTopic: Suck on this (oldschool demo fans)  (Read 962 times)

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Offline anakirob

Suck on this (oldschool demo fans)
« on: November 24, 2005, 03:57:09 AM »
I have been rather quite in Amiga.org for some months, but thought you would all like to know that these new (oct 2005)demo's exist.

they run fine on a standard WB 3.0 amiga 1200, maybe even run a bit on ECS, so...

... check these files out on your amiga or emulator :


(ADF's in LHA's)
(be aware these two demos could be mildly offensive)

and this shorty but a goody...
...(amigaDOS script runs from WB)

Feedback via Amiga.org's PMAIL or forum post would be appriciated.

coming soon is a 20-40 minute quirky rave demo.
It will be reased much sooner if someone can help my clean up my [blitz2] code (really I just need to finish the tedious task of INCBIN-ing all the data, but have so much other stuff I do in my life right now that it may not happen until next year)