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AuthorTopic: A2000 big hardware problem or not ?  (Read 6281 times)

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Re: A2000 Scsi Filecard Evolution
« Reply #30 on: October 18, 2002, 07:09:27 PM »
Okay, I tried to boot again with that jumper placed one pin further but no result. When that switch on the rear is activated and card is deactivated I though I could attach my scsi devices but no way !! I booted with my Workbench 3.1 disc (finally found it in my room !!) and then inserted the AsimCDFS disc to use ScsiInquire to see what devices are connected, but then there's not even an Evolution.device according to that program. It seems that this switch on the rear really  deactivates the card, probably to get more compatibility with games that don't like add-on's ... damn, advice is really needed ...

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Re: A2000 Scsi Filecard Evolution
« Reply #31 on: October 21, 2002, 09:43:38 AM »

Welcome to the "Evolution.device" club. I was ill so I could not answer sooner. I also have A2000 with MacroSystem Evolution filecard and there are lots of troubles with it. I got this card with 2nd hand A2000 with no manuals and no disks. There was no info about it anywhere except on "The Big Book of Amiga Hardware" and no HDInstall or HDToolBox disks anywhere.

Apart from that - no ordinary HDToolBox or anything works with this card. I got in touch with somebody that had install disk and it is uploaded on "The Big Book of Amiga Hardware". But you already have HD installed so I believe that you had less problems with this card than I did.

The back jumper turns the card on/off as you already know. The inner jumper will do no good. I believe that the key is in using the right drivers/software. I plan to try this card with external CD but I had no time yet. If I succeed, I'll write about it. If you happen to finish the problem before me please do the same.

When you turn on the amiga, before booting starts there is a list of installed devices (black screen with starting text - MacroSystem evolution.device ...). Check if the card found something on any device 0 - 7 that could represent your cd-rom.

Good luck...

 you'll need it.