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Author Topic: Amiga > ADFs > Transfers  (Read 2125 times)


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Amiga > ADFs > Transfers
« on: November 23, 2020, 09:40:46 PM »
Hi there guys.

I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me please.

1. I've got a real urge to play Worms DC. and make some of my own levels in D-Paint.

Just got D-Paint running, but realised that the Worms disks are in ADF.
I beleive that the player created levels are stored on disk 2

However if they are in ADF and ADF's are image files
Q1.1: How would I be able to add my own custom levels to the disks ?

2. I Also Have Amiga Forever Premium edition
with the workbench 3.X disk. And I'm using FS-UAE to emulate my Amiga
on my Linux host machine

I'm wanting to create a full WB install, with HDD so that I can be productive, etc.

The Workbench 3.X disk is essentiually a dir contianing a large No of files

Q2.1. Is there anyway to use them as the original 6 Workbench disks, so that
I can install WB onto a HDD, and use it as an Amiga with a HDD ?

3. I have a real physical Amiga 1200, with an external floppy drive, (And a few hundred floppy disks).
I've like to buy a cable to connect my Amiga to my Linux PC, so that I can back up as many
of my floppies as possible, As the disks are getting rather old.

Q.3.1. What is the best way / and cable to achive this please ?

Apologies if some of these questions may seem a little obvious,
I was an Amiga fanatic, back in the 90's when I owned my Amiga computers
but, as I haven't been using an Amiga (real or emulated) for such a long
time, I feel like it the 1st day back at school, and I know nothing.

TIA for any help or advice.

Also if this is the wrong area, please feel free to move this post.

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Re: Amiga > ADFs > Transfers
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2020, 11:06:39 PM »
Did that back in the days so from memory I did this:

I think I used PPaint.
Load a picture level from the disk as a guide.
I did that and then I used a VIDI24 to grab my house and my friends.
Then I just put them left and right and set worms to spawn as teams and not random :-)
Also made my own samples and changed the pitch with AudioMaster.
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Re: Amiga > ADFs > Transfers
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2020, 10:31:23 PM »
Hi Vince_06
Thanks for replying

Re: Q1.1.
I loaded up WB. Loaded up the Worms DC disks.
Although they were in ADF, I was able to open up the disks and actually open drawers and
even managed to create a test text file on the disk.

So it appears that the ADFs work like a standard Amiga floppy disk
and I can add my own levels if I want to.