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Author Topic: WinUAE debugger !  (Read 5409 times)


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WinUAE debugger !
« on: September 07, 2019, 01:08:20 AM »
Hi, I have just tried the WinUAE debugger for the first time, and I have two questions.

Question 1

The debugger 'h' (help) command lists assumingly all the available commands. Among them are:

Code: [Select]
t [instructions]      Step one or more instructions.
z                     Step through one instruction - useful for JSR, DBRA etc.

Problem is that they both seem to have a "step into" behavior. Is this a bug, or is there no "step over" command at all ? I want to avoid having to add breakpoints after each bsr / jsr / etc as I'm sure most people would.

Question 2

Is there a way to "lock" the debugging context to a particular process, rather than have it change to whatever the scheduler decides ? I mean when I do fp "SomeProcess" and when the cpu is interrupted and the scheduler takes over, I'd like the debugger to NOT trace that irrelevant code and context and therefore seemlessly to me the debugger would continue the user-exposed tracing when SomeProcess is scheduled back and starts running again. While not 100% sure, the 2 tests suggested that the debugger keeps tracing into contexts not belonging to SomeProcess.

Thanks in advance!

Testing with a simple busy loop, it seems there is no tracing into different process contexts. So strikethrough for now!

Oh, and

The disassembly is pretty confusing !
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