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Author Topic: AMOSPRO X : Many said "it's impossible" ... But I said "no, it is" and prove it!  (Read 4100 times)


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Here is the video concerning the WIP of the latest improvements I'm working on for AMOS Professional :

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Re: AMOSPRO X : AGA Support for AMOS Professional ! And it get good progress!
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2019, 09:13:18 AM »
The project "Amos Professional X" get good progress.
It is mainly based on adding AGA support to Amos Professional but nothing prevent from doing others stuffs once the AGA support will be done ...

The playlist for the WIP video is there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoC9JODHT-Q&list=PL6Q17EL65z6Egqoo1Zaphlvds0LxS2RHV

But if you want to know the current development state and what was currently added to "Amos Professional X" :

1. The first video initally shared : Support for 2 x 16 colors dual playfield :
2nd screen uses palette 16-31 but it will be parametrable in the future.

2. Create/ Open lowres 256 colors screen :
The palette from 32-255 is unique and shared between all visible screens because it is technically impossible to change 256 colors in 1 raster line.
Each screen remain owning its own palette from 0-31.

3. Load iff now support 256 colors images :
you can load 256 colors images using the Load Iff command.

4. Blitter Objects (BOB) are working correctly under 256 colors screens :
Yes, I had nothing to do for this, the AMOS Professional internal way of handling bitplanes was clearly adapted to handle 256 colors :)

5. Open Hires screen at 640x400 pixels using 256 colors and uses Load Iff on it:
Yes, it is now possible to create 256 colors screen in hires ( + interlace too ) screen. Load Iff works too in that graphical resolution.
Hires Screen uses Fetch mode = 1. I had to make changes again in the AMOS Copper list system. Everything is ok.

6. Scroll hires screen at 640x400 pixels with 256 colors :
As the hires screen need Fetch mode = 1 with more than 4 bitplanes. I had to make changes on the screen scrolling method to allow support for this mode. It now scroll using a 32 bit scrolling shifting (due to Fetch mode = 1) with precise/smooth 1 pixel scrolling using AGA special PFxH5/PFxH6 bplcon bits.

Here are the current progress.
Yesterday I worked on APCmp to fix an issue (crash with large .AMOS files). Seen with Fran├žois Lionet, I will probably add an option for large files in the APCMP compiler (as with this option compilation can take around 2Mb, it must be a switchable option otherwise on light configuration (with really few fast ram), compilation may be compromised.
I will continue work with the support for 256 colors. Currently the commands Colour I,R4G4B4 work, the =Colour(I) too and Ink (for draw) too.
But I want to add specials commands to handle load/save/modify custom AGA Palette to allow (for example) fading effects.


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Thanks for this! Keep up the good work!  ;)

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great stuff! when can we buy the new release?
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It's on GitHub to download.

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Directly Here you can download the latest build (Alpha/Beta ) :