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Author Topic: AMOS Professional X : Native support for 2x16colors DualPlayfield ? Right !  (Read 2500 times)


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I started play with the AmosProfessional source code from the marc365/AmosProfessional GIT repository ( available here : https://github.com/marc365/AMOSProfessional )

All the changes / comments I made are available in my own GIT for AmosProfessional ( main branch that contain finished work : https://github.com/AmiDARK/AMOSProfessional-X?organization=AmiDARK&organization=AmiDARK ) with the codenam : Amos Professional X

And I get good *integration* results :

These changes are not yet available in my main branch (AmiDARK one) but in the working branch 'Dual-Playfield' ( here : https://github.com/AmiDARK/AMOSProfessional-X/tree/Dual-Playfields ).

So everyone can test these changes.

I plan to do more concerning 'Native AGA support' for AMOS Professional but it takes time ... I hope to come back soonly with another news in my project

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