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AuthorTopic: Aros coming to Rasberry Pi Video Introduction  (Read 5678 times)

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Re: Aros coming to Rasberry Pi Video Introduction
« Reply #30 on: March 10, 2012, 02:14:41 PM »
Quote from: haywirepc;683140
In my experience aros works on ANY x86 computer, so long as you have the following easy to find on ebay parts :

Soundcard = sblive  Networking intel pro 100 video : nvidia fx (550,650) series.

To me its worth 30 or 40$ in cheap easy to find parts to save yourself the hassle. Yes some onboard video/sound/net cards work, but in my experience its not worth the hassle trying to do that, just get any pc with 3 pci slots and you'll be fine with these easy to find parts...

My current machine is a 2ghz machine. Its fine for most everything (games, browsing, writing, whatever my day to day needs are)

AROS on PI will be nice, but remember, I don't think 700mhz will be beefy enough to play classic games. I think performance will be usable on native apps but slow on anything emulated.


It still refuses to boot on my eeepc700 and eeepc900hd.
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Re: Aros coming to Rasberry Pi Video Introduction
« Reply #31 on: March 10, 2012, 03:13:26 PM »
awesome video as always Steve! Awesome news that AROS will be running on this cool little computer & looking forward to seeing all the nifty case mods for it:pint:
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Re: Aros coming to Rasberry Pi Video Introduction
« Reply #32 on: March 12, 2012, 06:08:30 PM »
I have downloaded 1.4!
Some bugs still exist.  On my PC with an NVIDIA gpy, using a resolution of 1650x1050 causes screen corruption.  Dragging the screen down a few pixels seems to fix it...as long as I don't move my mouse to the bottom of the screen.

Changing to this resolution gets rid of the "start" bar.

Also, on my other PC with an ATI card, the default resolution doesn't display correctly.  It attempts to open a 1920x1440 screen in 4:3 mode when my monitor is 1920x1080p...  Because of this, I can't see the start bar at all.  Also, the left and right edges are actually cut off about about 16 pixels in this mode even though I can move my mouse to those cutoff areas.

Also, the hard drive install failed.  I have 4 drives in my computer.
Unit 1 master: SSD
Unit 1 slave: 320GB HHD
Unit 2 Master: empty 80 GB HHD (this is the one I want for AROS)
Unit 2 Slave: BluRay/DVD combo drive

The unit that comes up for partitioning is unit 4.  This doesn't make sense to me but I thought it found the "empty" hard drive automatically.  Either way, it failed.

Also, when are the ATI drivers going to be updated?  Seems those have lagged and all the focus is on NVIDIA...