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AuthorTopic: "Deluxe" set of manuals for sale... and some disks, too.  (Read 871 times)

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Offline weirdami

"Deluxe" set of manuals for sale... and some disks, too.
« on: May 19, 2004, 11:31:26 PM »
Here's some more manuals I have for sale. These are mostly for paint programs.

- DELUXE Paint, The Manual
- DELUXE Paint, The Manual
...a second copy, this one has no cover
...includes a card called "DeluxePaint Addendum: Making Backups"

- DELUXE Paint II, Manual
- Using Deluxe Paint II, by Steven Anzovin
- DELUXE Paint III, Manual For Your Amiga

- DeluxePrint (manual)
...missing front cover
...includes DeluxePrint Art Disk: Volume 1 clip-art contents card
...and 2 copies of the Volume 2 card
...and a card full of DeluxePrint commands

- DELUXE PRINT II, Manual For Your Amiga

...includes software: Art Disk 1, Art Disk 2, and Program Disk

- BRILLIANCE, The User's Guide (for version 1.0)
...includes version 2.0 User Guide Addendum
...and Version 2.0 Quick Reference Card

Something neat about the DeluxePaintIII manual is that there's a flip-book animation in the bottom right corner of a guy juggling the three parts of the Electronic Arts logo (EOA)! :lol:
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