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AuthorTopic: FA. Picasso IV, mainboard A500+, MRBackup, VDPaint, TransDat, Eruro Uebersetzer and a  (Read 162 times)

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I started some new ebay auctions. All beginning at 1,- all of them can be shipped worldwide:

Picasso IV graphics card

Mainboard A500+, Rev 8A1, 1 MB

TransDat 2.0 translator

complete package OS 2.05



Euro Uebersetzer

see all my auctions under (choose the option international)

and a huge lot of other amiga items (hardware, software and more)
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ending tomoorow and I added:


keyboard A2000/A3000

external floppy drive (Promigos)

Competition Pro joystick (transparent version)

joystick/mouse Y-switch

Deluxe View

Spektrum der Wisenschaften 09/1981 with the rare and famous articel of Douglas R. Hofstadter

and a huge lot of other amiga items (hardware, software and more)