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AuthorTopic: FS: Two Amiga 1200's, PAL and NTSC, KS 3.1, NEED WORK!  (Read 164 times)

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FS: Two Amiga 1200's, PAL and NTSC, KS 3.1, NEED WORK!
« on: March 25, 2015, 05:33:28 PM »

I am selling two Amiga 1200's. Both were in fine working order before damaged while trying to upgrade them.
One needs the IDE port replaced, and the other needs the Kickstart Sockets replaced.

This is what happens when you buy a FastATA 1200 MK-IV IDE CF/SATA off a European company who has no hardware assistance in America... Things get damaged, and no one is around to help you out... wasted money.

 Anyhow, times are tough, I'd like to have repaired these things, but alas I've already wasted enough money on them as it is and sold the FastATA separately.

 I know a guy in MI who does great work restoring Amiga 1200's and 600's, so should you purchase these and not be able to do the work your self, I can send you to him, though he said that for anyone handy with a soldering iron it should not be difficult.

 Good luck!
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