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AuthorTopic: FA: A2630, keyboard A2000, tank mouseA1200, Assembler, RAM expansion Viruskiller and  (Read 154 times)

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Offline AllocVec


A few new items from me on eBay. All starting from EUR 1,-, shipping is worldwide on all items.

A2630 turbocard with 4MB, Rev. 9.2

original keyboard A2000 in very good condition

Commodore tank mouse

mainboard A1200

RAM expansion

OMA 1.5 Assembler

Let's go 4 from Heureka teachware

Music Construction Kit

Turbo Print package


Info Power Pack Viruskiller

see all my auctions under (choose the option international)

also you will find there some other auctions starting above EUR 1,- ending this sunday, for example:

Blizzard turbocard

Neuroth turbocard

Devpac Assembler

1 MB RAM expansion from Commodore

DCF-77 module

keyboard Amiga 500

Hydra NIC


complete SCSI-kit with Host-adapter, HDD and CDRom, cables and terminator

Powerbook G4



DAT streamer

Motorola 68882


SCSI-/MFM-Host adapter


and many, many(!) more

Offline AllocVec

ending today and I added:

floppy drive Chinon FZ 354

KickRom 2.04


MIDI interface

Amiga Super Power Pack

Transdat Pro 2.0

Turbo Calc