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AuthorTopic: Amiga chips on eBay  (Read 1995 times)

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Re: Amiga chips on eBay
« Reply #15 on: March 10, 2007, 11:55:44 PM »
Ok well,
3 weeks ago I was DONATED enough Amiga equipment to fill a minivan. All of it working. I happened to get all this stuff because a good friend of mine fixed Amigas for more than a decade. He is having health problems and wanted to sell all the stuff but he said it was too much trouble and people just didn't want to pay what it was worth.

At first, he wanted me to help him sending all this stuff to the landfill.

I offered to take it all and I believed he was a bit exagerating. Boy was I wrong. Tha Amiga community can be very cruel.

After having been ripped off by a german ditributor, being sold an A3000 that was supposed to contain 64MB of RAM but really had 4MB in it and now being insulted for asking about 1/4 what stores ask for, I think it is time I post a picture on this board.

I am going to invest energy and time making good of this Amiga stuff ONLY it is will at least pay for my lunch.

I have no time and no room for this stuff anymore.

BTW, I am being told I charge too much but no here comes this Kurtz guy who charges 99$ for a little piece of electronics that not worth 15$ and everybody's jumping on it...

With attitudes like that, you shouldn't ask yourself why you end up with people selling you crappy MoBos.

In exactly ONE week I will take all the AMiga stuff I can't keep any more and I will put it in a place in Montreal where you will have about one day before the trashmen pick them up. I will tell you exactly where it is located.

Once on the street, all these items are FREE for anyone to grab.

I will NOT test them, ship them, package them or any otherwise.

Like it better like that?

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Re: Amiga chips on eBay
« Reply #16 on: March 11, 2007, 12:41:21 AM »

TjLaZer wrote:
YES it really irritates the CRAP of out me when people say they will trash it if it does not sell.  If you do that you are a moron!  

How about this idea:  I know groundbreaking idea.  If it does not sell, offer it for FREE to someone and have them pay for shipping!  What a concept I know, I should get an award!!

Be irritated...

I am a volunteer worker and I will take the time to carefully check, package and mail something for somebody with no salary at all for my time and work.

Yeaaaaaaah right...

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Re: Amiga chips on eBay
« Reply #17 on: March 11, 2007, 01:47:19 AM »
Be irritated...

I am a volunteer worker and I will take the time to carefully check, package and mail something for somebody with no salary at all for my time and work.

Yeaaaaaaah right...

OK so what you are saying is you would rather throw it away than give it to a fellow Amigan?  That is messed up!!!

Nobody said to do all that for free, but to offer it for free to someone instead of throwing it away! (IF IT DOES NOT SELL AS YOU THREATENED)   Was that hard to comprehend?!!!?  While it is your perogotive to do what the hell you want, when it comes to Vintage Amiga stuff NOTHING should be throw away just because you did not take someone to the bank selling it on ebay... (Even Atari stuff!!!! LOL)

Sorry all it just pisses me off with that kind of mentality.   If you are that kind of person to throw something away just because you did not make $1000 on ripBay. then I feel sorry for you.  I am sure most people feel the same way I do.

/off soap box
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Re: Amiga chips on eBay
« Reply #18 on: March 12, 2007, 02:21:59 AM »
Let me first say that I agree with what TjLaZer is saying.



I didn't direct the comment at your prices or anything like that. In fact I never saw your items (well, until that fellow posted a link, and he made a good point, read it). Going further, I wasn't passing judgement on yours prices, and by the time I saw the link the items were gone (good for you!), but I'd say that if you were asking $10 a chip, it's not so bad (depending on the chip and shipping of course).

What I was saying is the irritation that comes with the false THREATS that I commonly see everywhere, here, on eBay, but also Craigslist: "they're going to the trash tonight if you don't come (when I want you to, and how I want you to <- never said, but implied)",  "I'm putting it out at 8am, trash pickup at 8:30am (have fun suckers <- never said, but implied)", "they're by the front yard, but hurry, rain forecast for this afternoon (bring an umbrella suckers<- never said but implied)" etc

It's people playing with someone else's "pain" or "suffering", because if someone is in need (or a die hard Amigan who cannot see an Amiga item being trashed), he'll go through a lot of hoops to get that item. And that's what these threats are "praying upon": let's see how FAR X person in need, desperation, or Amiga-fanatic, will go through for Y item. It's not cool. It's similar to what the Romans did at the Colloseum: let's see how long people (Christians and others, gotta have variety, right?) will last against hungry lions and tigers.

There's a name for such people: TYRANTS.

So, like TjLaZer says: you do what the hell you want with the items, they are yours afterall, but be conscious of two things:  1) it doesn't make it right, or your a virtuous person, to trash it JUST because you have no need or plenty or you got bored, etc (especially with vintage/rare and Amiga stuff, but that is what you'll have, hopefully, nightmares about every single day afterwards), but MOST importantly 2) don't FORCE or threaten people just because you want to trash them; just DO IT and shut up. Don't talk about it. Why do you have to rub it in? How would someone, you perhaps, like to be in a situation (I know, not the best example, but I feel obligated to make people, that think think this way, understand) where they need drug X, because they're sick, but I'm too bothered to even send it for the cost of shipping, because I'm grouchy or angry for not having anyone buy it from me, and I decide to not only empty the bottle in the sink, but also write them an email TELLING them I did that. Isn't that ... err, REVENGE of sorts?

/[rant finished:YES];

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the as-is method
« Reply #19 on: March 12, 2007, 02:53:48 AM »
If you can't test things, just sell them "as-is". And say "I don't have the time to test all these items, so I'm selling them as-is".

I've had stuff I've saved from being tossed in the garbage for years and years and I keep lugging them around waiting for people to buy them because I don't like Amiga stuff just being thrown away. Don't throw things away just because people on here gave you a hard time. :-( I think most things people on here have offered for free or for just shipping have been snapped up pretty quick. If I was near you, I'd drive over and pick up everything you have, but I'm not even in the same country. There's gotta be someone in Montreal that likes Amiga's. Do a craigslist post.
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Re: the as-is method
« Reply #20 on: March 12, 2007, 02:57:18 AM »
Oh, there's TONS of people in Montreal who love Amigas! When I visited Montreal a while ago for some demo-party, there were a ton of Amiga fans, and much more hardcore than any around here. Canadians know their Amigas, that's for sure. Just as an example: the X-Calibur 040 accelerator was made in Canada (although to be honest I don't know which side of the country)


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Re: the as-is method
« Reply #21 on: March 12, 2007, 03:36:29 AM »
Just my US$.02, because everyone's entitled to my opinion.

At the very least, I posted hard drives of various capacities here.  All I asked was shipping.  No bites.  They were tested and formatted on an Amiga 4000, even.  I expected a much bigger response than what I got considering the audience.

So they went to hazardous waste recycling.

I walk around the local flea market every so often.  I find things like last week: a TI-99/4 RF modulator and CS2 cable.  But I realize that the rest of the pile is stuff that should have been thrown out, probably these as well.  But these people didn't throw them out because "someone could use it" or "all it needs is a couple of $components."  I cannot afford unlimited storage space for old stuff just because someone MIGHT be able to use it in the next decade.

I have to agree that sometimes, one shot deals are all there are.  People who have stuff should not be expected to hang onto it until people who do not have stuff decide they need it or finally have the money to buy it.

[EDIT:] Also from my perspective, there are a lot of people who are more apt to take an offer seriously if they know that the items will definitely be discarded if not taken.  In any case, it will be "damned if you do, damned if you don't" -- I specifically state that items I am GIVING away will be thrown out if no one wants them, or I just do so quietly and reveal this fact months later when someone asks, I am just as much a jerk either way.

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Re: the as-is method
« Reply #22 on: March 12, 2007, 03:55:24 AM »
ok, so we pay for shipping plus a bit for your time to pack and post. what type of stuff are we talking about here?

i assume you're keeping your Vic-20? ;-)

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Re: the as-is method
« Reply #23 on: March 12, 2007, 04:21:47 AM »

I understand your point very well (I've been there too), and it's only too logical. The owner is the owner after all.

But there's a fine distinction about what some of us are saying. Let me make it clear:

If you have X items, rare, uber-rare, and Amiga too, and you post them someplace, for free, or pickup, with your terms, REASONABLE terms:

"hey guys, I have X items, and I must have them out of here by Y date, so if anyone is interested, please call 123-456-6789 or email here@stuff.org"

and then NOBODY comes within the aloted time, or they're all a bunch of flakes and then you decide to throw them out because they're yours after all AND that was your intention from the beginning (<- VERY important distinction) and then a week later I call you and ask you:

"hey LoadWB, have you got those X items from last week"

and you simply reply:

"Sorry dude, nobody showed up and they sadly had to go"

then believe me: you are NOT damned or a jerk. You're a man of your word, who offered a great opportunity which wasn't taken up. Sad, but honest and true.

I believe that anyone in their right mind would see you in the same way. People who're somewhat fscked and think you OWE THEM will be offended or what not, but then again, they're unrealistic (idiots).

The first is true even for me, a die-hard Amiga fan, even if those items were Amiga items that you threw away. I would never call you a jerk or get offended. Of course from my point of view, and to myself, you would not be a true Amigan and maybe even a shameful Amigan, if you did throw them out, BUT that still does NOT make you a jerk or damned because (and here comes the distinction) you did it out of NECESSITY (wife, garage-full, new baby, whatever the reasons, they are yours and most likely honest, because why else would you give stuff for free?)! But this is a whole other issue (me thinking you're not a true Amigan), and it's my personal opinion which would be in my head for 5-10 minutes and then gone, never to be shared with anyone on a.org or anyplace else (unless you threw out an AAA chipset dev. board or something :)

But notice how this case differs ever so slightly from those who are purposefully tyranical.

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Re: the as-is method
« Reply #24 on: March 12, 2007, 06:00:01 AM »
If I lived in montreal I know where I'd be on friday  :-D
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Re: the as-is method
« Reply #25 on: March 12, 2007, 07:42:35 AM »

Do you mean e's place (Amiga stuff) or the streets? (at least last time I was there, the cabbie was asking us if we wanted some, and then we realized he was pointing at some hot biatches in the street; apparently prostitution was/is quite legal and 'in your face' in montreal ;-) )

All in all a very cool city. Very lively (European style) indeed!