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Author Topic: a600 floppy drive accident  (Read 417 times)


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a600 floppy drive accident
« on: February 02, 2023, 01:35:02 PM »
Hello everyone !

I have an Amiga 600HD. During the last year I took out the RF modulator, changed the capacitors, put in a CXA2075M video encoder, added 1MB of CHIP memory + RTC. I have a PCMCIA to CF (SD to CF) adapter. The original floppy works, but I put inside the modded SONY. Boot is from the IDE CF adapter. Kick 3.1.

Everything worked flawlessly.

Recently I was cleaning the case. I took out the motherboard and disconnected everything from it. When I was putting the Amiga back together, I unfortunately turned the floppy drive power cord in the wrong orientation ( :-\ :-\ :-\). The Amiga was on for a maximum of 5-7 seconds until I noticed a burning smell (I almost died). The result was a burnt 12 V trace on the underside of the motherboard near the main power connector.

I repaired the board, checked the voltages (all ok) but now the floppy drive does not read or write.

The floppy drive clicks as you would expect from an Amiga. It reacts to changing the diskette. It tries to boot from the diskette on power on. It tries to format diskette. I have the feeling that the head does not move beyond the starting position. In the Amiga Test Kit, on the head movement test, I only get a clicking sound as if the head is trying to move but ultimately stays in the same position.

Everything else on the Amiga works as before (Thank god!).

CIAs pass the test in Amiga Test Kit 1.20.
The floppy drive works in another Amiga.

It is interesting that the original drive does not show any signs of life when connected, unlike the modded SONY.
The original drive makes a soft click only when I power off the Amiga.

I checked all the traces from the floppy connector to the chips and everything is fine. Not a single chip overheats.

Therefore, has anyone had a similar "problem"? How and what to test? CIA, GARRY? I don't want to change CIAs places unless absolutely necessary.

I appreciate any help.