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Author Topic: A website idea - usergroup logging/generation  (Read 1666 times)


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A website idea - usergroup logging/generation
« on: June 18, 2005, 06:37:09 PM »
A while ago, I was in the process of creating an "Amiga Counter" website, like the "Linux Counter", which would be used to get statistics of Amiga users worldwide. After the recent threads on UK usergroups and users, however, some people wondered if similar threads could be done for their countries. Instead, how about a website that would log user's positions, the locations of usergroups, and could even suggest locations where a new usergroup would be feasible, and help in its formation.

I've put down some basic ideas on a site here (it's fully editable - add to the page if you have any ideas of your own). Essentially, users would signup with information including their lattitude and longitude (these can be found from other websites). The website admins would enter in details of known usergroups, and users would be alerted if there was a usergroup nearby that they didn't know about. If there wasn't, then every couple of months, the data would be processed to find likely usergroup candidates - clusters of Amigans with no existing group nearby. The possible group members would be informed and directed to an automatically created forum thread for them to consider how to organise a group.

The UK users/usergroups threads demonstrated that there might not always be a correlation between concentrations of Amiga users and usergroups, and usergroups are probably the most effective way to spread the word now that there aren't many widely circulated Amiga mazazines/adverts etc. A site like this would take a lot of effort (I don't know anywhere near enough PHP to embark on something like this), but it could pay off in terms of visibility...

Your thoughts?

Sorry for the blatant crossposting from the AW.net thread :-)