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Author Topic: AMOS Professional AGA (The X Project) release alpha 0.200911 available !  (Read 4020 times)


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Amos Professional AGA (The X Project) get goot progress.

- You can natively open screens in lowres and hires with up to 256 colors, and HAM8.
- Load iff can load up to 256 colors pictures, and HAM8 (not 24 bitplanes backup like DPaintV do)
- You can spack, unpack pictures that uses up to 256 colors or HAM8.
- you can grab bob, icons with up to 256 colors
- you can pase, amalize bobs with up to 256 colors.
- Save banks can save bobs, icons, spack screens with up to 256 colors and Ham8
- Load Banks can load bobs, icons, spack screens with up to 256 colors and ham8
- Double buffer/Screen swap have been upgraded to for AGA 8 bitplanes depths.
And all these are in full 24 bits color mode !

As an additional note, due to many (much) internal changes to the Amos Professional core engine, compatibility with older AMOS banks is not supported (keep compatibility may makes Amos Professional more slower than it actually is).
It's better then to unpack banks, bobs, etc.. from old Amos Professional 2.0, and save them in IFF and reload them in new Amos Professional AGA to pack them again.

You can see a new video in the youtube channel of the project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaS-LYx2gPA&t=5s

Click here to download the ALPHA build 200911 : https://github.com/AmiDARK/Amos-Professional-AGA-Releases/releases/tag/200911

And/Or jump to the official website of the project : http://amos-professional-aga.frederic-cordier.fr/


EDIT : Just seen that It is in a wrong forum. Mod please move it to the correct place, sorry.
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Re: AMOS Professional AGA (The X Project) release alpha 0.200911 available !
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so cool that AMOS Pro AGA development is going on and also that saimo is working on the Amos Layers System (ALS) too ;D
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