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Author Topic: A1-and pro audio?  (Read 1540 times)


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A1-and pro audio?
« on: December 18, 2002, 07:49:46 PM »
I am a new member of this web page but I have been reading it for some time now.  I have owned an A1200 for about 8 years and recently purchased another one on ebay with an 060 accelerator and some ram.
that being said I am not a developer by any means, but I use computers for music applications all the time.
My question is: are there any plans to make the A1 a hardisk recording station.  Or in other words develope drivers for PCI hardware that exists as A/D/A converters, like  MOTU, Lexicon ect.  Or develop similar hardware.
I spent many painfull months trying to get different pieces of equipment working on my PC because the choices of platform are limited to specific versions of windows and specific hardware configurations...some of which don't work even when met perfectly.
So to sum up, I was just curious if anyone sees the music side of development as a possible direction to go in the new amiga.

Thanks :-)

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Re: A1-and pro audio?
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2002, 08:43:45 PM »
"..are there any plans to make the A1 a hardisk recording station..."

None that I know of anyway but im no expert on the matter.

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Re: A1-and pro audio?
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2002, 09:41:41 PM »
Ah, another fellow musician, welcome!

You should check out Audio Evolution, it looks very promising.
It's a hd-recording app, and the newest version (4) will be optimised for OS4.

I think I heard somewhere that there would be a demo on the OS4 contribution CD or something.

As for hardware, well, it's not looking so great yet.
There's support for the SB Live! and that's pretty much it for now.  :-(
And I think it will be a while before we have 24 bit, high samplerates and multi I/O support. As I understand it, the AHI sound system in it's current form simply isn't up to the task.
Hopefully it will be developed further soon.

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Re: A1-and pro audio?
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2002, 04:49:19 PM »
Thanks for the info, I checked out Audio Evolution and I am curious to see what it will be able to do when version 4 comes out.  But I would love  to see someone in the amiga community partner with an existing hardware company and develope drivers for their existing hardware...to open the amiga platform to people who already have A/D/A hardware they like.  Something that would enable 20 or 24 bit A/D conversion on at least 8 chanels at once, also allowing playback on  multiple chanels while recording.
But here's to hoping this will be possible in the  future. :-)