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Author Topic: modular 2D strategy game wants more themes.  (Read 1457 times)


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modular 2D strategy game wants more themes.
« on: December 07, 2002, 03:59:44 PM »
This is a request for anyone who can design
and/or draw gfx for an already complete game.

the game runs on 68k aga
and is in the Empire style.
that means 2D overview and turn based.

features are:
256 color aga,
unit morale features,
more real exploration,
  and one can build a world, units and structures
into a new theme wich, when selected,
will change the game entirely.
Its like making ones own game just by editing
text files and change gfx, because the
text files makes the stats of all units
and structures in the game.

there are now 4 different such themes,

1.earth 2000 with (normal) human warfare.

2.A planet covered with a very big lifeform,
  invaded by humans around 2070.

3.Star theme,
  with robotic, cybernethic, human, and primal forces.

4.an easy to understand simulator.
  also with a tutorial campaign.

but there are room for 96 more themes,
and that is where you come in,
because the game is rather complete,
but really craves for more
themes and campaigns.

the game has a level editor wich can be used to
add campaigns (with missions) to each theme.
and there are some campaigns available.

so if you are interested in making your own
strategy game without having to learn programming,
or you would like to make campaigns for any theme,
join our mailing list at;

and sign up with Patrick for betatesting.
 just say "game of Joar"

you are welcome to join in
if you feel creative and up for it!

this strategy game is planned towards commercial release,
so there may be money for you,
allthough I develop it mostly for the fun.

Flying Paper is also developing other games.

direct link: