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Author Topic: Amigaone..Romkernals / assemblysource + hardware design....  (Read 1326 times)


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Amigaone..Romkernals / assemblysource + hardware design....
« on: February 12, 2003, 09:30:22 PM »
From an old hardcore game coder....

Im an amiga games programmer from years ago, and wrote in only assembly and the odd c++ etc. I personally wrote everything using the graphix libraries, intuition etc and also hitting the hardware directly as we did.
 Wrote both desktop applications and games, and was wondering about the os4 and amigaone machines.
For example, one of my system programs was diskmatev4 and was written all using libraries, can we assume all this is 100% compatable with the new amiga one, and does it matter whether you got ppc or motorola does it all happen in software emulation or is the old roms on some sort of card or plugin daughterboard.? Just no info on this, i see the atx boards of amiga one, but i hear ppl going on about old plugin boards or daughterboards is this like an amiga stuffed in there for compatability of old software??

Do you know if, all the old code will work and with the new os4, will the existing libraries or rather were they extended or rather the rom routines to allow the full 24bit, or more importantly, did they let us use a proper 256colour pallete for bobs and sprites.
Was never interested in ham or halfbrite, just the 8bit(256) or 24bit(16mil). Ie:In the old rom kernal manuals, the other 3 registers past upto the 8bit were never implemented, was this done on the new machines or in software at all, or what has happened to the register design, and what docs do we get to do things with, is this a developer thing again that one can buy, and is there going to be assembly routines to access the libraries again like before which would be cool.

Can existing assembly work, as long as it worked on os3 like on an a3000?. And what about the compilers eg: Devpac etc, And would you know if there is going to be manuals on the os or and the machines again like kernal manuals like there was years ago for usd all to follow.?

I read somewhere about a standard set of libraries, is this again similar to what we had to access mouse&jports interrupts etc etc or is this another set.? I think id jump and buy one tomorrow if all this was included like all the old hackers out there dying to get behind the keyboard. Also the g3 or g4, and the different cpu`s will the ppc one be just as compatable?

Any info would be good. grandalf

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Re: Amigaone..Romkernals / assemblysource + hardware design....
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2003, 09:40:29 PM »
As long as it doesn`t hit hardware registers,etc and do calls to specific OS3.x libraries,it must work well under emulation.If you want to start new projects,and want to do as much portable as it can,you need to stay away from 68k ASM and trying to code something in C using latest OS3.9 environment libraries & functions aswell,then it can work well in OS4 and easily be ported to OS4 Specific new features.
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Re: Amigaone..Romkernals / assemblysource + hardware design....
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2003, 10:17:14 PM »
There is a dev support site that you may be interested in, and I think some mailing lists as well.  Some on those sites should be able to answer your questions.  Maybe even Rogue could answer most of what you have asked, since he is part of the OS4 team.  I'm sure he will point you into the right direction to start your programming.

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