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AuthorTopic: The start of my AROS/ICAROS journey  (Read 2511 times)

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Re: The start of my AROS/ICAROS journey
« Reply #15 on: July 23, 2013, 02:13:11 AM »
Quote from: Iggy;741415
'060 @ 80 MHz?
Now that is extreme.

Awesome, makes browsing easy. A shame there's not a decent browser and NetSurf just freezes for me.

Demo's run really well, and with the Mediator board and the Voodoo Doom is finally full screen and super smooth :-)

Quake/Quake2 smooth running with RTG, although having an issue getting openGL Quake to play... out of memory/hunk space, even though it's 300+ MB to use.

Quote from: haywirepc;741433

On Aros, I have never found a machine where everything works without using specific cards purchased on ebay just for aros - nvidia fx550 video card, intel 100 networkcard and sblive with emu10k chip, and everything works fine.

Had AROS running okay, in the end the ATI card was stable but the drivers I ended up using broke the 3D support. The drivers that came with ICAROS work great, only thing I couldn't open was a OWB the screen would corrupt and the computer would lock. But 3D worked :-)


Yes I agree, this works great and no driver problems at all. It helps alot to have a good accelerated video card that works good in windows. I had a machine like this for awhile that was great fun, and booted straight to amiga os3.x

Looks amazing too, had an amazing setup with USB competition pros. Although I found that the USB competition pros had lag compared to the real thing. But that could have been the joysticks.


The kxlight install works great too, but I was never able to fix that it would only support 800x600, you need to boot from a linux floppy or something and change the settings on the linux side to allow greater screen resolutions.

I haven't got that far with kxlight, it comes up with the Amiga Forever logo but the loading bar doesn't move and it wont boot. So not sure what the problem is there.
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