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AuthorTopic: Amiga world what's going on?  (Read 2471 times)

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Re: Amiga world what's going on?
« Reply #15 on: August 21, 2003, 03:12:09 PM »
It's times like this, what with the current hubbub, plus all other previous incarnations of the whole "I hate your system, you're biased against mine, etc. etc." mess, that I have to remember I can't be the only reasonable Amiga user still around.

I have a 1200T, 030/40, 34Mb RAM, 4Gb HD, CD Writer.

I can manage my finances, go on the internet, and a few other things besides. It does me OK, I can't afford a Windows box, but if / when I get several hundred quid together, I'm interested in an A1/OS4. I have nothing against the Pegasos or MOS, and if someone wants to get that, that's their choice. I have no problem with it. It's just that I'm more interested in OS4.

I know peeps round here have been wound up for years now over the general post-Commodore era, but It would be nice if people relaxed a little. Promising things seem to be happening again, even more so than at various other stages post-CBM.

If only my near-inhuman levels of patience was't so near-inhuman  ;-)

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Re: Amiga world what's going on?
« Reply #16 on: August 21, 2003, 05:57:08 PM »
ritty9@hotmail.com        McNorris :  You have read more minds and hearts of Amigans then any of the princples in the "amiga" management then you can know .  Very good . I f you ever decide to bring your idea to reality... please remember us 3-D and graphic artists ... thank you. Ritty.

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Re: Amiga world what's going on?
« Reply #17 on: August 21, 2003, 08:38:15 PM »
So where else are you going to get as much entertainment before, during, and especially after spending your money?

I guess that is the only way to keep things lite.
I keep that in mind, but I think the idea of the amiga/morph people is to sell me something...

My next machine will probobly be a Powerbook. That idea doesn't purely discust me, but...

I wish the Amiga side had something I could feel good about.

I'll keep what you said in mind, but my wallet in my pocket.  :-D  :-(
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Re: Amiga world what's going on?
« Reply #18 on: August 21, 2003, 11:33:37 PM »
I've been an Amiga user since 1989. I'm also a VP for a local Amiga user group, but I am in limbo when it comes to Amiga's. I still have them in the house and My A4000 with cyberstorm PPC is constantly on, but I don't use it that much. However, I do have 4 PC boxes all with Windblows XP and an iBook and I find myself using the XP boxes on a regular basis. I have one for games only (If I use it for more, trouble will start to surface), use another for all my internet stuff (WWW and email). Use the oldest one I have as a gateway with zonealarm as a firewall. and the 4th one is used by my brother.

I am certainly reluctant to get rid of any of my 6 Amiga's. 2 x Amiga 500's. 3 x A1200's (One with 030, other with 060, one basic), Amiga 4000 and an A1000. Like I said before the only one used regularly (although rarely) is the A4000. I use it mainly for IRC (which I rarely do anymore) and I used it the other day to solve the MSblast.exe virus problem by getting info off the net, which I ended up solving with Dopus 6 for windblows. Just renamed the MSblast.exe to crap.txt and the virus program was able to get rid of it ;) Anyways, the A4000 will still get used. If/when AOS 4 comes out, I am sure that I will end up getting it for the A4000 and possibly even an AmigaOne. Oh well.. Only time will tell.
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Re: Amiga world what's going on?
« Reply #19 on: August 21, 2003, 11:48:43 PM »
McNorris: Can't really tell what you shoudl do but I have used more
Amiga programs in last months than on previous 7 years (since I had to
part form A3000)...

For me emulators (I do have Amigaforever CD) didn't feel the right way
to go, so rather than playing with it I moved away all the way. Now..
I have been using this thing, that to some aren't Amiga enough, but to
me it's something nice and familiar. (not claiming perfect.. but not
too bad either).