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Author Topic: Reading BBC B disks?  (Read 2535 times)


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Reading BBC B disks?
« on: October 22, 2002, 10:11:35 AM »
Hi everybody,
A friend of mine has lent me his disk to try and get Repton 2 off of it. It's a doubled-sided 5.25" disk - 40 track on one side, 80 track on the other.
Is there any way to read this on my Miggy?  For this kind of thing I use my A1500, which has:
68030@50 OS 3.9 32MB 4GB SCSI disk
1 internal Amiga DD 3.5"
1 internal PC HD 3.5" (Catweasel)
1 internal PC HC(1.2MB) 5.25" (Catweasel)
1 external Amiga HD 3.5"
1 external Amiga (Cumana) HC(1.2MB - 40 or 80 track switchable) 5.25"

Any clues from anybody? I seem to recall CBM making a BBC emulator which came with a 5.25" disk or something...?

Any hints greatly appreciated!

Ian Gledhill
Ian Gledhill
ian.gledhill@btinternit.com (except it should be internEt of course...!)
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