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Author Topic: Desktop picture Q.  (Read 1350 times)


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Desktop picture Q.
« on: November 27, 2002, 08:18:05 PM »
Is it possible, or say, would it make sense to be able to right click on the desktop, a menu comes up, select, say "slide" or "reposition" or "Adjust desktop background" then the mouse pointer turns into a hand, and you move the background around as you move the pointer hor/ver. Now, you wonder why this is different? Because I was thinking of this, if there was a list of image files, where you put the name of the main desktop, in the middle, then to the right, left, above, below and upper/lower left and right, and when you move the desktop, the other image appears, but only as much of it, as you slide over, ie. you could have the left half of the maindesktop, and the right half of the image to the left. I was just thinking, that way, you grab the desktop, slide it around and catch a glimse of the pics, instead of loading them 1 at a time. And you could "freeze it in a strange  "collage" of 2 or more images as well.

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