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AuthorTopic: Native ethernet/wifi for the CD³²? (non-plip/slip/Arduino based options)  (Read 306 times)

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Offline First Ninja

Topic says it all, people. Are there any native (i.e. non-slip/plip/Arduino-based) ethernet and/or wifi options with Sana-2 drivers available for the unexpanded CD³²?

There are a ton of Plipbox-like solutions and likely as many Arduino-based options, but this thread seeks to highlight the alternatives. Any suggestions are welcome!

Offline darksun9210

no not that i'm aware of. a base unexpanded CD32 has the keyboard/serial port for I/O and that's it.

i seem to recall there is a version of the "witcher" for the CD32 with a clock port and all the associated malarkey that goes with that. i used to run a subway and USB-Ethernet off a clock port adaptor on my A500+GVP A530. it ran pretty well.
So you could do a version of that i suppose. but as for a totally non-expanded CD32? not to my knowledge. I'd be very happy to learn otherwise though.

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