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AuthorTopic: What's with all the broken icons (OS4)?  (Read 1892 times)

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Re: What's with all the broken icons (OS4)?
« Reply #15 on: February 18, 2016, 07:38:58 PM »
Quote from: Aegis;804215
Well I got it working :) turns out I already had the SOBJs I needed, I just had to make soft links for the versions Fuse was looking for - in this case:


I guess after you've been using OS4 for a while this becomes second nature but it's a big gotcha to newbies like me (and somehow I got a ton of stuff working without having to do this at all) - the only other soft links I have in SOBJs are for libz and libpng and I'm pretty sure I didn't make those :D

SObjs are weird as they have the version numbers in the filenames, and different compatible versions have different filenames, so you need the softlinks.  It also entirely depends on the dev's setup as to what filenames it looks for - sometimes the version numbers on the end don't need to be there, but then you get problems when an incompatible version comes along.

I decided a long time ago (obviously not quite as long ago as that Fuse port) that they were more trouble than they were worth and now only use them when necessary.

I'd love it if you and other devs would stick notes for any dependencies in here

I normally stick them in there or in the .guide.  I probably thought it was only using ones which come with the OS.

One last general gripe - *what* is with all these OS4 apps that have console windows you have to >NIL: away to get rid of? Must be a developer thing but I hate seeing these - could we not have a tooltype to hide them (and God yes, *please* use and document tooltypes :D).

In Fuse's case IIRC it writes something to or simply opens stdout/stderr.  That's the case for lots of ports, which is probably why you've seen it so frequently.  It's usually too much hassle to find out why.

Fuse is very slick though Chris and runs nicely under WinUAE/OS4 - thanks for taking the time to port it! :)

Cool.  It needs updating though.  I tend to use ASp unless I need some of the more advanced features (also ASp is a lot less hassle to use to create .TAP files - I'm not even sure Fuse can do this, and TZXs aren't concatable, if that is a word, which it probably isn't)
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