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AuthorTopic: Which classic Amiga games do you want to see remade on the A1  (Read 4393 times)

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Re: Which classic Amiga games do you want to see remade on the A1
« Reply #60 on: December 30, 2002, 09:14:24 PM »
M.U.L.E. is fun, but they need to make installing a MULE a little less quirky... I feel like smashing a joystick every time you don't quite get it and the MULE takes off and runs off the edge of the map.

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Re: Which classic Amiga games do you want to see remade on the A1
« Reply #61 on: December 31, 2002, 12:07:32 PM »

Darrin wrote:

KingTutt wrote:
I'm not entirely familiar with the UFO series. Can someone post the order and the premise behind each title,

XCOM and UFO - Enemy unknown are the same game.  For some reason it was referred to as XCOM in the USA and UFO-EU in Europe.

If I remember right, the PC version and the Amiga AGA version came out about the same time.  The games are virtually identical except that the PC version adds a "darkness" effect so that in a low-light mission the terrain is brighter around your troops'  field of vision allowing aliens to hide in the shadows.  However, the sound on the Amiga version is better.

Much later, Microprose managed to hack down the game enough so that it would run on an ECS Amiga, but it looks UGLY!!!

The sequal, UFO-Terror from the Deep, never made it to the Amiga, but sold very well on the PC.  The gameplay is very similar and the graphics improved.

Both XCOM and UFO-TFTD were MS DOS games, but the third game, XCOM-Apocalypse came out for Winzdoze.  Unfortunately, XCOM-A looks and feels completely different the first 2 games and I've never been able to "get into it".

There is a fourth (and final?) game called XCOM-Interceptor which I believe is a 3D space combat game where you get to take the fight to the Aliens.  I've never played it so I can't really comment on it.

Hasbro Interactive have release a compilation CD for the PC containing the first three games called "X-COM Collector's Edition" with the first 2 games now "supposedly" updated to run on Windoze.  I say "supposedly" because I've tested the first game on 5 different PC's (eMachines, HP x 2, Compaq, Dell) running Win98 and ME, with differnt graphics cards and they are all prone to random crashing when the game attempts to change screen modes.  No update/patch is available on the Hasbro website.  Your only option is to keep saving the game so you don't have to backtrack too far into the game when it goes down.

I hope this helps :-)

Dude, I don't think that Xcom-Interceptor was the last by a long shot. Did some searching and came up with the newest installment to be released.


and some screenies for you UFO series fans! Enjoy.

Yeah we definitely need this series remastered for the A1. It would sure be su-weet! And i would have a hell of a time playing it from the beginning with updated gfx!  :-D
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