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AuthorTopic: X500+ Special Promotion - Amedia Computer  (Read 805 times)

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Offline Faranheit

X500+ Special Promotion - Amedia Computer
« on: February 04, 2014, 11:17:21 AM »
Hi Everybody,

After sending you some Cupid's Arrows, we propose right now a Very Special Promotion on X500+ Cases from Lorinao Pagni !

Following some discussions with our great english frien, we can propose these wonderful cases at only 279 euros instead of 379 euros !

In this exceptionnal price, you'll have :
- The desktop case with its chicklet integrated keyboard (in qwerty),
- The SlimSATA DVD Writer,
- The Internal Multicard reader,
- Les stickers claviers fran├žais,
-And the choice of color : Black or White.

We remind you that this case can accept all Micro ATX or Mini ITX and one low profile expansion card.

There are perfect for your Sam440 or Sam460 (with one low profile PCI Express graphic's card) motherboard.

You can have a look of the videos done by Loriano from these cases HERE or HERE.

Don't hesitate and order it right now !
There will be only a few pieces left !

Thanks for all your support :)
Lionel, Laurent et Alberto
Amedia Computer France
N.B. : all prices include the french VAT and exclude the shipping costs.
Laurent aka Faranheit
Metz - France
Mail : contact@amedia-computer.com
Site : http://www.amedia-computer.com