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AuthorTopic: Wings NG on AmigaOS can happen!  (Read 1156 times)

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Offline Rob

Re: Wings NG on AmigaOS can happen!
« Reply #15 on: December 10, 2013, 01:43:29 PM »
Quote from: takemehomegrandma;754119
...and the OS4 systems that has been sold for the last couple of years doesn't even have 3D drivers, so maybe start there instead? Learning to walk before you run? And *then* it would of course help to bring Unity3D to the platform as well. And *then* it would of course help if some developers actually took the challenge of actually doing the work? And *then* it would be relevant to start raising $100.000 for it to be possible? But before that, maybe you should consider if this is really that well spent money? I mean, it's a lot of money, and we are talking about a more or less stupid *game* here that probably won't even fit the majority's taste.

Wouldn't perhaps this be more useful for OS4?

http://www.power2people.org/projects/odyssey/ :D

And that bounty is already (almost) half way there...


The only OS4 systems I can think of that needed 3D drivers were the Micro A1 and Sam440ep and I think the Radeon 3D drivers were already available even when the Micro A1 was released.  All other OS4 systems have the option of plugging in a Voodoo3 or Radeon R100/R200 based card into the AGP or PCI slot so I can't think of any OS4 system that doesn't have some option for 3D acceleration.

As for the 100k for this kickstarter, you do realise that it is mainly for a Windows remake of the game.

I may donate to the Odyssey bounty if it doesn't close before I have time to.  Donating some money towards existing projects like Sketchblock and buying games like Battle Squadron will probably take priority.

What does Odyssey actually offer over other browsers already available on OS4 anyway.  I heard that some youtube videos may play if some other third party components are ported.  I think the main reason I didn't donate to Timberwolf was that there were already other browsers available.

Offline pwermonger

Re: Wings NG on AmigaOS can happen!
« Reply #16 on: December 10, 2013, 03:03:33 PM »
Glad someone posted this, whether or not it ever gets onto an Amiga operating system. I found it last time they had it up on Kickstarter and it had already ended and did not make its goal. this has a few hours left and even though its made the goal I tossed in a pledge.

Offline ddniUK

Re: Wings NG on AmigaOS can happen!
« Reply #17 on: December 27, 2013, 01:56:36 PM »

I must eat my hat. The odyssey bounty is a great success and reached completion very quickly. Congratulations to Fab for creating a great product that so many Amigans want.
I hope that Kas1e can bring the port to life as quickly as the bounty was fulfilled!

Also unlike previously suggested by Takemehomegrandma, I am delighted to see this succeed. :)
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