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AuthorTopic: Report button ?  (Read 2084 times)

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Offline blobrana

Re: Report button ?
« Reply #15 on: February 06, 2004, 09:36:15 PM »
Sry, i May have picked it up wrong...

But , I used the word PANIC to replace the word REPORT, as i saw that it was basically the same thing. (imho)..if this confused you or others then, this reply  will hopefully clear it up.

I dont have anything against the idea as such. I was just thinking on the effort verses the usefulness balance.

Offline HopperJF

Re: Report button ?
« Reply #16 on: February 06, 2004, 11:12:57 PM »
Report buttons are common on some other forums i go to like www.jackarse.co.uk
It is very effective, and saves a lot of silly arguments and flames, because you simply tell the moderator what is bugging you and they (hopefully) sort it out, rather than the offender
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