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AuthorTopic: New version of SysInfo available  (Read 764 times)

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New version of SysInfo available
« on: November 07, 2012, 11:53:17 PM »
Taken from http://sysinfo.d0.se/


Exactly 19 years after version 3.24 of SysInfo it is time for an update! The original author Nic Wilson has kindly given me permission to continue the maintenance of this old classic.

Please report any bugs and feature requests to sysinfo@d0.se.

Do you want to be a beta tester? Contact sysinfo@d0.se, please include your system specs.

Known problems

The benchmark results provided by SysInfo is currently not verified on M68060 Amigas and useless in emulators set up to emulate faster than early classic amigas!

I want more bug reports! Mail it to sysinfo@d0.se

You can download it here: http://sysinfo.d0.se/downloads/SysInfo.lha


SysInfo 4.0 (07-Nov-12)

 - 19 years later, a new maintainer, a new release. (tnx Nic Wilson)
 - Crash due to assumed accessable memory at $2000 changed to $4000. (tnx Piru)
 - Updated memory size calculation in Memory Info to handle 64MB+ sizes correctly.
 - Updated board size calculation to handle 64MB+ correctly, added MB suffix for sizes greater than 2MB.
 - Several small corrections in the code.
 - Added some support for 68060, more to do. Doesn't yet handle the difference between LC/EC versions.
 - Added identification of UAE Autoconfig™ boards.
 - Added identification of Individual Computers GmbH German (http://www.icomp.de)
 - Autoconfig™ boards. (tnx Jens Schönfeld)
 - New contact information: http://sysinfo.d0.se SysInfo@d0.se.