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AuthorTopic: More Amithlon questions. GFX/USB help.  (Read 579 times)

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More Amithlon questions. GFX/USB help.
« on: September 23, 2011, 08:49:28 PM »
So I've got my system up and running, everything works that I want at the moment but the Graphics and USB.

I do not know how to tell if I'm in VESA mode or not for one, and another thing is I've no idea how to display more than 256 color or how to improve the resolution beyond 640x480.

Likewise I've no idea how to get USB working.

I was sent to a thread in EAB, but it seems that all the AMithlon heads are asleep there as I've received no response there. :/

I'm using the Freedos method btw. Is that bad?
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