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AuthorTopic: DiscreetFX Celebrates Sixteen Years of Existence - Launches Project Metropolis  (Read 7446 times)

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Quote from: MobbyG;642621
You didn't tell me? Or Sean or anyone else?

You are dead to me...

Noooo.. you're not.... you sneaky S.O.B. WELL DONE!

We only told Orson Wells about it.


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Quote from: Pyromania;642623
We only told Orson Wells about it.


THAT fat bastard? Him and his snow peas are dead to me!!
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Got my attention, hope it will work out; I would buy something
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sounds like a good idea
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Offline Franko

@ Pyromania

Is this the answer to the question you asked a few months back, (can't recall the exact word or thread) where you asked us to guess what DiscreetFX had in store for the future... :)

Nice idea though, hope it's successful... :)

Often wondered why there was no such service on the net for the Amiga... :confused:

Now what you really need to sell are Workbench Disk Sets 1.x to 3.x... :) (good luck with that one if you do)... ;)

PS: You could add Irn Bru and Macaroon Bars for instant download, be a big hit in the states as the tourists snap em up here every summer...:)

Offline trekiej

How about a Amiga video service?
I do not want to go to youtube for everything.
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Offline XDelusion

So the Amiga variants will now have their own App store. Pretty cool!

And yes the movie Metropolis was awesome, especially the version mixed with Pink Floyd (Echoes of Metropolis).
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Offline Mr_DBUG

It would be nice if you secured some rights to some old Amiga games as well, so I could finally pay back a little to the people who MADE the stuff I once played from floppy disks with games names poorly penned on by pencils ..... "Good Old (Amiga) Games .."

BUT I guess it would be hopeless to get any of this money to the original authors :-S

This could be a nice way to aquire games for the FPGA machines as well ! In addition to the games Cloanto and others supply ..

Offline utri007

Hope this works :) and makes software developers more motivated and take new projects.

Netsufr for 68k amigas would be good start
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Offline SamuraiCrow

Quote from: utri007;642769
Hope this works :) and makes software developers more motivated and take new projects.

Yeah.  I hope this goes better than the Hottie game competition a few years back.

Offline Tension

This is good news.

You should call it an app store though.

And maybe you could include Aminet results in your searches on the front end as well.

That would be class.

Offline Franko

Ere... Tension... :)

I thought you left a wee while back... ;)

Offline Steady

Thanks for implementing this. It is a good idea and long overdue. It's always good to have a central place to buy apps so you can compare first. It should also encourage good competition.

Offline kickstart

Maybe some years ago, when the main internet applications for the amiga are on the market, but now you cant purchase a keyfile for the latest ibrowse or the same for makecd some months ago. These days is diffucult to find applications that need payment, greatest applications are free at this times (at least).
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Offline JimS

Reminds me of the Atari Program Exchange (APX) way back in the Elder Days.
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