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AuthorTopic: Alien breed 3d II ported to another platform  (Read 8026 times)

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Re: Alien breed 3d II ported to another platform
« Reply #45 on: September 27, 2016, 12:27:49 PM »
Quote from: LaserBack;814477
I done this thread in 2011 but now I think that this game don't need to be ported because in winuae is really fast
on my core I5 I get 39 fps constant at full screen+ gfx high detail
 is really smooth, it will not do more because the game is blocked at 39fps, something like the original Doom who was blocked at 35fps

I'm using a special whload version 1.2A by psygore that was never published on whdload site

The game can be played now using ASDW keys+ mouse ( like a pc first person shooter)
in the screenshot you can see is working at 39 fps
if anyone is interested I will upload it a small video of this game running to see how smooth is,just tell me

I'm interested in seeing a video of it. :) Thanks for sharing! I never had a powerful enough Amiga to run ABD3DII back then. It did not work very well on a 030 setup.