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AuthorTopic: The new AresOne  (Read 1198 times)

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The new AresOne
« on: July 31, 2010, 12:00:27 PM »
Hello friends,

it is time to start again. And this time it's nearly perfect ; )

Vesalia has now some holidays but after this it is launch time.

To make thing cheaper for you i offer the following discounts:

I. On http://www.ares-shop.de:

1. If you register yourself on http://www.ares-shop.de you will get a 3% discount (lifetime) this includes the order of an AresOne on http://www.vesalia.de (this offer stays for one month / 30 days)

2. If you bought A-live X already you get the money back if you buy an AresOne on http://www.vesalia.de

3. A-live X is now cheaper. The Physical package costs now only 18.90Euros(7Euro less) and the download version 15.90(3 Euro less)

4. Also i offer Soundblaster live cards for 10Euro including 12 month warranty, for those who have a unsupported onboard-card.

Another way to save 3% is to make a new AmigaFuture subscription but please wait until this will officially announced in the next AmigaFuture.


Oh and one bonus will be that i have 4 Audio Evolution licenses to give away. One will go already to france and one for me : )

During the comming week every already registered customer will get also the 3% discount for the future.

BUT you will get max. 3% off + the money back for A-live... you cant add the AmigaFuture discount to the sum!

Best Regards,

BTW. ArtEffect will be added too again since it works like a charm ; ) This advert is not the final.

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