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AuthorTopic: New Mystery Amiga Hardware Coming to the DiscreetFX iStore on June 30th, 2010!  (Read 17350 times)

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My guess it isn't really a secret or expensive.  It is an Arduino.

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Quote from: ChaosLord;566629

#2: The adaptor to allow connecting PlayStation controllers (including guitar) to Amiga!  If I win one of these then I will only hafta buy 3 more.  Woohoo!

#3: A real joystick with real 2 buttons for playing Amiga 2-button games.  This would be very nice!

I've already got one of each of these.

The Sega Mastery System Controller seems to work with most 2 Button games I've tried, and I use this in order to use my PSX Controllers as CD32 Controllers, and more:


Write him, he might build you one.
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Mass produced PS2-CD32 adapters would be a dream come true, and such a marketable product. If anyone were willing, I'm sure Paul wouldn't mind providing the pre-programmed PIC chips.
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Why have just one when you can have two.

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Quote from: transition;566608
if your the first one to guess what this super secret hardware is before june 30th, you will get one for free.



It also coincides pretty well with the release time of the two EfikaMX products ("Smartbook" and "Smarttop"). "Why have just one when you can have two.". "Finally! It has been a long time coming". Maybe with UAE and OS3.x preinstalled and preconfigured, otherwise it doesn't really match. :)
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Quote from: Transition;566608
June 22nd, 2010
Contact: DiscreetFX
Chicago, Illinois June 14th, 2010 - New super secret Amiga hardware is coming to the DiscreetFX iStore on June 30th, 2010. DiscreetFX's CEO stated, "We have never sold this type of brand new hardware before but retro Amiga fans will be very pleased. Look for something exciting from us soon that will help you get more enjoyment out of your Amiga."
Keep your eyes pealed on DiscreetFX's Amiga iShop because more information is coming soon. If your the first one to guess what this super secret hardware is before June 30th, you will get one for free.
Best regards
DiscreetFX Team

You will be manufacturering the x1000 for the North American market, so when do I get my prize? ;)

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a flame-proof next-gen amiga

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Quote - "Mystery Hardware for Classic Amiga - New super secret Amiga hardware is coming to the DiscreetFX iStore on June 30th, 2010."

So it's for the classica amiga...

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new 060 accelerators with sdram would be nice.
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Phased plasma rifle with a 40 watt range? ;)
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It sounds exciting whatever the product may be :-)

Classic Amiga hardware is always very much welcome.
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Quote from: Gulliver;566625
Videotoaster (the new ones) with support for Amigas?


Quote from: CaptChaos;566631
discreetfx minimigs

- discreetfx X1000 :)
- discreetfx natami :)

Quote from: Crumb;566674
new 060 accelerators with sdram would be nice.

060+PPC for a good price: OS4.x for all!!!!!!!!!!!! (impossible)

Humm hummm, I think like other that it'll be something not very expensive (hope)..
- something like USB adapter;
- memory expansion (128MB or 512MB);
- mouse adapter;
- a little ZORRO II/III graphic card (??);
- turboaccelerator for all AMIGA;
- AMIGA.COM website reopen ;)
- AMIGA sound card with multiple PAULA (like my old project with Exolon/FAIRLIGHT)
- a NEW AMIGA 500 in a joystick (like C64 Direct-to-TV);

Hope that it'll be something that can be used by NTSC/PAL system.

(what we wrote is the reflects our wishes)
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Indivision ECS?

My guess after the "Why have just one when you can have two." clue.

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Dual Port Joystick to usb adapter.
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An updated MiniMig with built in ARM, 4MB ram and case?

Lets see, for Classic... new CPU or video board for the big box Amigas?