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AuthorTopic: Game development project anyone?  (Read 4696 times)

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Re: Game development project anyone?
« Reply #105 on: November 20, 2003, 12:43:29 PM »
Sometimes I really think you ........ :-P

Go back to the very 1st post of this thread, where it says:
"The AmigaOS and MorphOS would benefit from...."

And yes 68k as in chips by Moto is dead, but WOS is deader even !

Now, the whole point is that this game is gonna take atleast 1 year to
reach a useable state, and even I don't think OS4 is gonna take that long ....

So trying to make it run on the dual-CPU setups (WOS/PuP) is a waste
of time as noone will use these anymore when the game is released.

So, make it a normal 1-CPU game, useing the OS3.1+CGX-API
(to make sure it's works on MOS,OS4 and maybe even AROS).

Compiling an 68k-version for the use with emulators shouldn't be so hard,
and you might be suprised how many (as an example) of the ~150 Amiga-ToT-
players use it on Amithlon, UAE or in atleast one case on Umilator :-o
1. Make an announcment.
2. Wait a while.
3. Check if it can actually be done.
4. Wait for someone else to do it.
5. Start working on it while giving out hillarious progress-reports.
6. Deny that you have ever announced it
7. Blame someone else