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AuthorTopic: Is OS4.1 worthy of the Amiga name?  (Read 7577 times)

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Re: Is OS4.1 worthy of the Amiga name?
« Reply #45 on: December 04, 2009, 05:11:09 PM »
Quote from: cha05e90;532599
So for all of us who came from OS3.x a standard multi ghz intel pc with winuae would qualify for the same?!? I don't really believe that your reasons are really the reasons you mentioned - there is/was more than that...

Sure, OS3.x can be pretty fine.
But it doesn't mean that things cannot be changed and/or improved.  My main decision-driver is functionality. But let me give you some (usorted and fully uncomlete) examples why I don't use 3.x any longer but migrated to MorphOS:
Ambient versus WB.
The integrated prefs vs. the prefs mess in OS3.x.
A powerfull Shell vs. the 3.x shell.
The skinnig system vs. no skinning system in 3.9.
A powerful browser (OWB for MorphOS) vs no really useable powerful browser.
Reggae & Datatypes vs. Datatypes only.
Good support by the developers vs. no support for 3.x.
Need of a host system (for emulation) vs. no need of a host system.
A sepration of system files and private files vs. no seperation.
A new icon system vs. some hacks and patches.
High speed on a low wattage system vs. high speed on a non-low wattage system.
CGX and AHI fully integrated vs. not fully interated.
MUI 4.0 vs. MUI 3.8.
Exeution of 68k, WOS PUP and MorphOS executales vs. 68k only.
The list goes on and on. I really liked OS3.x but I moved on and decided for the system that provided the smoothest upgrade path from my computer heritage to a rather modern system.

I should note that AROS and OS4 offer similar upgrade pathes, even AfAOS qualifies to some extend. But my earlier reply was about my motivation to chose a particular system. And my main motivation actually is functionality and *not* names or logos.

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Re: Is OS4.1 worthy of the Amiga name?
« Reply #46 on: December 13, 2009, 03:22:50 PM »
if it works and you like it fine. I couldn't stand OS3.5 (and it would not work with my warp card) and the people running it at the time, they were not very nice.
 So I plug along with 3.1 with some fixes for large hardrives.