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AuthorTopic: Comspec SCSI adapter - revisited  (Read 405 times)

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Comspec SCSI adapter - revisited
« on: February 21, 2007, 12:22:10 AM »
Well, it appears no one knows anything about these adapters. Fortunately I was able to track down a manual(preleminary version) & software. So now, instead of fumbling about in the dark, I can fumble about in the light!  :roll:

I don't have the adapter yet, but I like to be prepared if possible. The accompanying disk contains everything I need to set it up for 1.2 or 1.3, of course I want to use it for 2.04. But that's not the big issue right now. Included on the disk are 25 presets for SCSI drives made circa 1988. The only problem is that I'm not going to be using one of them. I have a Quantum LPS240 that I'm going to use and I need to figure out how to setup the 'DRIVETYPE' for this. There is a utiility for this which asks various questions, such as #heads, #cyls, etc. I think I have most of this info, but there are a couple that I'm having trouble with:

MODE SENSE PF BIT: 1 for set or 0 for not

MODE SELECT PF BIT: 1 for set or 0 for not

PARM_LIST_LEN: (mode select parameter list length)

The info I have for this drive does not cover these. Any thoughts?

I'm also unsure if I can use any of the utilities on the 2.04 install disk with this. That being said, if I get this recognized and working under 1.3, will it be recognized under 2.04 and just not be auto-booting?

I also don't see much mention of mountlist entries. Doesn't there need to be one?

I guess once I get this thing and start fumbling, some of these questions will be answered, but any other enlightenment is welcomed!