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AuthorTopic: In your opinion which was the best and the worst thing that Commodore did to the Amiga?  (Read 3378 times)

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alx wrote:
Best thing: Believing in the potential of the platform at first.

Worst thing: Loosing faith in the platform towards the end.

They never lost faith in the A500... that's why they didn't upgrade the chipset!!!!

Offline alx

They never lost faith in the A500... that's why they didn't upgrade the chipset!!!!

They certainly never lost faith in Paula (and when someone did want to replace her on one of the A4000 prototypes, they made sure that it never happened :roll: )


Although I'd agree that they seemed too attatched to OCS/ECS generally.

Offline Nick

Best: Having something to do with the Amiga (to save on arguments).

Worst: Not using their brains when it came to anything, not software or hardware related. In other words marketting etc. They would try to sell a front wheel from a Ferrari Daytona to a Martian if they had the chance. Not a clue! The engineers etc didn`t get the chance to see their pride and joy go anywhere (at least under C=`s "command").

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producing amigas that were compatable with different models of amiga(unlike binaries for the c= 8bit machines)
producing expandable amigas(zorro II/III)
and producing faster amigas(ie not always using the 68000) as in the A3000(probably the best amiga)

no advertising anywhere but in existing amiga magazines

the whole marketing department should of been fired and a new marketing department hired

the advertisments were useless!

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BTW... why is this under the games section?

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I think the worst thing they did....
they put the name commodore in the amiga logo and case badges

its kinda looked at like nintendo making a games computer

I can not mention the name Amiga with out having to explain what it is, then when people see the commodore name and icon next to the title, they all go "oh its a commodore" remembering back to the 64 days
There was a time I can remember computers were fun...I miss my A1200.

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yep that was another problem

people would look at the amiga and think 'commodore 64'

or it was just a games machine

if i were in charge of commodore during those days - we would all be using amigas now not 'ibm-pc's or macs
90% of the world would be amiga  ;-)  hahahahh

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best: developing Workbench.

worst: leaving amiga to herself when she needed it the most.
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Best thing:

Releasing high end/low end machines based around the Amiga architecture thus claiming the high end workstation and low end games machine markets (B2000 & A500)  

Worst thing:

Investing millions in PC clones whilst not knowing quite what to do with Amiga, until it was too late.  That and hiring Medhi Ali.

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If Amiga had dominated the market right from the start and continued to do so to the present day, I probably wouldn't be an Amigan today...  for one simple reason:  Microsoft Operating Systems and Applications.

MS would have made their Operating Systems and Apps for the Amiga.  Right now, there'd be two groups of people - those running AmigaOS on their Amigas and those running WinXP Pro on their Amigas.  Both groups would be using Internet Explorer, MS Office and Outlook Express.
Our community which has fostered so many great pieces of software would not exist, and we'd be stuck with the mainstream crap that gets pushed out as hard and fast as possible at the expense of quality.

The Amiga hardware would probably be years ahead of todays PCs, but that doesn't matter, because the software would be garbage (plentiful and easy to get, but still garbage)

Ben de Waal
AKA Yttrium Oxide

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actually i want to change my choices if i may:

the PET!!! that is really what started it all!(i dont care too much for typewriters and electric calculators)

couldnt handle their finances and died :-( that was sad because one of their favorite machines(the Amiga) didnt do to well after that and wasnt developed(we are still wating), and lots of good software developers left that particular platform(even though there were plenty of users still) it all went down hill from when commodore died :-(


Offline YttriumOx

But, to expand on my previous post:
While it's been good for developing an "Amiga way", we certainly don't need to remain the underdogs of the computing industry.  We now have a unique style that isn't dominated by the mainstream, and with careful management and active participation by what remains of the present community, if we WERE to become a large mainstream player in the computer industry again, I think we could pull it off without being sucked into "the bad way of doing things".

Ben de Waal
AKA Yttrium Oxide

Offline YttriumOx

Oh, and to be on topic:

Best: Releasing a wide range of Amigas to suit all walks of life.

Worst: Not listening to the hardware designers when it came to good ideas but instead listening to the accountants (who were morons anyway) that certain features would be too expensive.

Ben de Waal
AKA Yttrium Oxide

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MS would have made their Operating Systems and Apps for the Amiga. Right now, there'd be two groups of people - those running AmigaOS on their Amigas and those running WinXP Pro on their Amigas.

You really think anyone would have bought Windows for the Amiga? Nah - Microsoft would've been writing Amiga Visual Basic, Digita would have the premiere office suite (or maybe Wordperfect) 'cause Microsoft wouldn't have made enough moolah to buy Excel and Access and Motorola would've made so much cash we'd all have 3ghz PPC's (or Coldfires or 68100's) in our Porsche designed aluminium anniversary "Boing" ball Amigas. Adobe would be writing plugins for TVPaint and ImageFX, Jay Miner would have been cryogenically frozen so that Amiga technology could bring him back to life in the future AND received a posthumous oscar picked up by NewTek for services to the motion picture industry and of course there'd be world peace 'cause we'd all be playing Bitmap Brothers games in universal harmony...

Gawd - reality sucks...
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Wasted all the time money and resources on the PC Colt project. Pitiful.