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AuthorTopic: Hardware for my A1200  (Read 385 times)

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Hardware for my A1200
« on: May 21, 2003, 10:25:10 AM »
OK!! i got the HDD in and WB3.1 installed after 5 hours of messing. grr. Anyway, i want to put it in a tower, so here comes the questions again.

1. i have an old 486 PC at home acting as my doorstop. Can i rip out the guts and stick the amiga 1200 in there?

2. If i did that, where and what keyboard would go in it?

3. I have PC hardware at home, i recall somewhere that i can get a board to plug PCI slot cards in there>? Can someone bring me up to speed on this pleeeeese :-)

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Thanks In Advance :-)
WinUAE Only... OS3.9 with 512mb ZIII ram ;)