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AuthorTopic: Death in the Family  (Read 560 times)

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Death in the Family
« on: May 19, 2003, 04:14:37 AM »
It is my regretful duty to announce the death of "Beetle Mouse"

Beetle Mouse joined my new computer family shortly after I purchased an Amiga 1200 in January of 1993.  I though the black and white colors of Beetle Mouse were smart, and the high resolution movement meant it could be used in a smaller area.  Beetle Mouse served alongside my A1200 for it's entire career as the primary computer.  In 1995 the Amiga 4000 entered the picture, Beetle Mouse was moved ot the new machine and continued to serve with frequent cleaning.  

In 1996 Beetle Mouse suffered an illness of movement.  It became hesitant, and quirky.  Cleaning did not help, age was taking it's toll.  The tension spring was wearing, and it was not enough to force the ball against the wheels.  A ball transplant from a donor mouse (killed by my son's neglect) solved the problem.  The 4000/1200 ball was slightly larger, and tension once again reigned.  Beetle Mouse made a full recovery.

It was a sad day a year later when the Cybervision 64 and scan doubler came in.  While the computer was improved, design limitations in Beetle Mouse were made glaringly apparent.  Beetle Mouse's mouseing skills were not up to the 800x600 playing filed, it's pointer jumped and jittered, it caused the User much frustration.  Beetle Mouse was retired to the A1200 bag, replace by a logitech Mouse and Tupulo interface with better skills.

Beetle Mouse enjoyed semi retirement with the A1200.  It continued to go to club meeting and to work on two computer projects.  It got quality time with A3000 and A1000.  As well as plenty of rest in the bag with the A1200.

Today, I brought Beetle Mouse out for a romp with the A1000.  There was no response from the vertical scroll.  A second mouse verified that the computer was working.  Beetle Mouse was sent for immediate surgery.  An examination and cleaning produced no improvement.  The flaw was fatal.

Beetle Mouse will be interred Monday at "The Closet of Computer Parts I can't Bear to Toss Cemetery".  The family will hold a private service.  Instead of flowers it is requested you clean you old computers, and take good care of them.  Beetle Mouse will be missed.
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