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AuthorTopic: MK I 40Mhz with Fastlane Z3  (Read 451 times)

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MK I 40Mhz with Fastlane Z3
« on: May 31, 2006, 12:40:40 AM »
   Hi, I need help!
This is what I have:

A4000 rev B motherboard 2meg chip/16meg Fast

 Cyberstorm MK I 68040@40Mhz with 64meg (no scsi controller)
 Fastlane Z3 w/24meg ram
 AD516 Audio
 CyberVison 64 3D
 Picasso IV

The Machine works great with the Stock A3640 rev. 3.1, But with the MK I, my Z3 flakes out!!! What is the problem??
I've removed all other cards but still cant get the Z3 and MK I to work together :madashell:  :angry:  :pissed: