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AuthorTopic: Alan Redhouse revealed the impressive future of AmigaOne!!!!! (from AmiGBG 2003)  (Read 9427 times)

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Offline Helgis75

Check it out at the topic from SlimJim. The report from the AmiGBG 2003. Alan revealed the future of the AmigaOne!!! Impressive stuffs i have to say!

Better check it out, and Eyetech have shipped the boards to customers after that show, so we should have them SOON!!!!  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-D  :-D  :-D  :-D

Impressive works, Eyetech, Hyperion and Mai!!! Keep it going!!! :-D  :-D  :-D  :-D

God, about TIME!  :-)
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Offline z5

How come i always know from the title that it will be something posted by Helgis?
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Offline takemehomegrandma

MorphOS is Amiga done right! :)

Offline SlimJim

Yes, it's good news. Let's hope now that the boards arrive
quickly and safely to pre-orderers. There are also good
hintings about AOS4 (see Rogue's comments elsewhere,
as well as fleecys Q&A this week). It might very well be
running -emulation and all- on CSPPC as we speak. How
well tested it is at this point is anyones guess though.
Here's hoping.

Offline Warrent

Yes, the SlimJim report was nice to read.  I am hoping that is true about the boards being shipped to the customers after the show, that would mean I may see mine in a couple of weeeks:-)  I also am hoping that Alan would give an update or confrim the shipping of the boards.  All in all it sounds like things are moving in the right direction :-)  Here is hoping that we will see more good news about the Amigaone and OS 4.

Offline Warface

Oh my... Having to listen to the depressed bickering then fanatic applauding from the same persons is a bit tiring at sometimes... Yet, understandable. Good that you have something to believe in again. And sad that it goes away time to time..

Offline olegil

I must say I got a good feeling from Alan's A1 roadmap.
I am thinking of building my own SE board into a 1U rack unit, but I think it would be a tight squeeze with the new memory module I bought from Gunne this weekend.

However, I can see these as good selling points for the AmigaOne:

The firmware (U-Boot) will use serial port for stdin/stdout if you set the environment variables stdin/stdout to serial OR you remove the keyboard/vga card (autodetects...). Thus, you don't need a VGA card or a keyboard for a render-farm.

It has 66MHz PCI if you have a RAID controller or a gigabit ethernet card. Running in a 1U rack box without VGA but with IDE/SCSI RAID or GBE would make for quite a nice server, actually.

It uses hardly ANY power. 3W for the 750FX CPU? Dang, man. Might as well be zero when you compare to other platforms.

Look out for a 1U amigaone coming to a rack near you :-)


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Offline Hooligan_DCS

Challenges: FUD

I don't know what Alan's talking about  :-D

Offline JurassicCamper

@ SlimJim / Alan / Anybody who may know.

As you are the only person who has posted a show report so far could you clarify something. It may not have even been mentioned.

If the board were stuck in Germany on Saturday and GGS data are expected to have them on Monday(Today). Does that mean that GGS has got all the first batch ? One would assume they would go to England first to be serialised etc, before being sent on, unless this has been done by the third party QA company already. It  also save eyetech the cost of having to reship them on.
Do you think its fair to assume that several bundles have been sent out from the 3rd party QA Eg:-
Batch for Eyetech
Batch for GGS

etc etc :-?  :-?  :-?  :nervous:
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Offline olegil

What I remember from Alan's speech:
The boards was in Germany on friday and is expected to Eyetech today. Gunne should have his on wednesday, I think.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's basically just a bunch of crates, one of which happens to include the excact number of boards Gunne needs so Alan redirect it easily. I think all boards go by England on the way due to some customs thingie. Unfortunately.

Offline Helgis75

One of the most impressive news Alan told was the plan for the MicroATX-based AmigaOne-XE, with ATA133Mhz RAID-support and GigaWire. At the moment the AGP is still x2, but it's possible that such a board like this will have the Artica P when it's completed. Anyway, i was very impressed!!!  :-)

Well, as i see from some of you telling here. German stores may have got their boards by today, and Gunne will have them by wednesday, i think. By friday i guess Datakompaniet in Norway may get them in. I expect to get my A1G4XE mobo sometime the second week of April:-) Very exciting, indeed!!!
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Offline SlimJim

@Jurassic Camper
Yes, you are correct. I confused this issue slightly. Shipment
*to* GGS will begin monday, and GGS will have it like,

Offline Juzz

Well, as i see from some of you telling here. German stores may have got their boards by today,

Nopes - the boards were stuck in UPS...
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It runs very nice :-P

Offline Helgis75

I was posting a mail to Datakompaniet where i told them about the show. I made a copy of the report, so they read it. I was told that they could expect to have the boards just before Easter!!! :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-)  :-D  :-D

Very good news, really! The wait is finally over!!! :-)
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Offline odin

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Helgis75 wrote:

Very good news, really! The wait is finally over!!! :-)

No it's not! The OS these boards were built for still isn't here :-p.