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AuthorTopic: A few AmigaONE questions.....  (Read 2131 times)

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Re: A few AmigaONE questions.....
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2002, 12:00:49 AM »

kd7ota wrote:
Its great to hear that they will take orders for AmigaONE this Nov. 2nd at WoA.  I just have a few questions in mind.

1.Since OS4 will have virtual memory, will it be struggling like Windoze does?

I think Hyperion have already commented on this. They stated that, Windows uses its virtual memory a lot, even when pyshical memory is avaliable. Which is why Windows seems a bit Slow.

I use windows a lot, i find that, there is a lot of swap space, even when my pyshical RAM is still not all being used.

Hyperion have said, its done a different way. Dont quote me on this, but i believe i heard this say this on here once before.


2.Will the machine boot up as fast as a 68030/50mhz A1200 I have now?

I'd be surprised if it wasnt a hell of a lot faster then your current System, no matter what type of Amiga it is.


3.Will my Voodoo 3 3000 AGP card work for OS4 out of the package?

Dont know :) i think they may be, but im not sure. If your into Games, might pay to upgrade anyway?


4.Can you run previous PPC software onto OS4, like a PPC application for OS3.9 onto a new G3 cpu and OS4?

Not all of it, but yes a lot of it should. Some games should also work, but those ones that hyperion have done in the past, are going to be reworked for OS4PPC. Not all of them, but some will be re-worked, apparantly.


5.How much space will AmigaONE take up to install.

The AmigaOS4 has a lot more functionality, so it will be larger then your current default install. Also, PPC code (the CPU it is being developed for) produces a lot more code. So with both respects, it'll be bigger.


6.Will I be able to use Winmodems, like my USR 56k PCI internal WinModem?

Yes, but not untill Drivers are developed!!!


I have this PeeCee now, but if I can save up to get OS4 and the Motherboard, i am gonna tear the guts out of this one and place the AmigaONE board on this.  It has 256mb PC-133 ram. The power supply is 300watts. The case is ATX, and I got x2 6gig harddrives.  Is this enough to bring my AmigaONE over to my friends and show him up with my AmigaONE if I ever get it assembled right? :-D

That would be awsome.. :)
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