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AuthorTopic: SSI Gold Box AD&D games  (Read 863 times)

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SSI Gold Box AD&D games
« on: November 27, 2005, 07:43:29 PM »
Those were (and I guess still are) some of my favorite games ever on any computer.  I have most if not all of them in my collection and started a couple up to show my 12 year old son last week.  He actually enjoyed them too, eventhough he has a huge collection of GameBoy/Nintendo/Playstation 2 games and has just started playing Guild Wars on the new PC we built together for his birthday in August.  The one SSI Gold Box game/game creator/editor that did not get ported to the Amiga (AFAIK) was Forgotton Realms Unlimited Adventures.  I bought it for the PC, but being an Amiga user never did anything with it 10+ years ago when I got it.  If I can convince SSI to release the source code to FRUA with a written agreement that it would only be used to port to the Amiga OS, I will be looking for programmers to help with the port.  I have also found an Open Source project on the PC called Dungeon Craft, which is a FRUA clone with higher resolutions available and the ability to convert some SSI files for use.  Does anyone know if anything like DC was done on the Amiga?
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Re: SSI Gold Box AD&D games
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2005, 08:13:07 PM »
Wow - it is so funny that you just posted this, because just this morning, I was thinking that it would be cool if someone could port UA to the Amiga (I was thinking it mainly because yesterday I installed and tried out the Oriental Adventures Worldhack on FRUA for PC, and it was amazing). It still has a large following and support base with modules still being written. I would love to play on my Amiga.

but the one thing that makes it sound unlikely is that up to this point whoever owns the code still has not made it open source as far as I know, and if it has not been done with Windows, it sounds unlikely that they would release it for the Amiga - but you have all my support. Especially if you personally know someone at the company!
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