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AuthorTopic: Games that were better on PC than on Amiga :-o  (Read 2773 times)

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Re: Games that were better on PC than on Amiga :-o
« Reply #60 on: July 29, 2004, 10:11:16 PM »
It gets difficult trying to find out what a PC is these days, like if you took Windows off it, and put Linux/Unix/BeOS/Amiga OS (hey, it's possible), what does that make it?

Ooh, things were so much easier in 1993. But anyway, windows XP is still horrendously inefficient and fat. Simply put, the Amiga OS is tidier (25MB to install at most compared to about 2GB or something ridiculous for windows) and something I'd like to see with a 3Ghz monstrousity behind it. It would probably open menus and perform tasks before you moved the mouse pointer over the drawer you want, such would be the speed. :-D
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