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Title: Reach For The Skies - UK Version
Post by: paul1981 on October 05, 2018, 08:41:57 PM
I have the game 'Reach For The Skies' for my Amiga and it's a fine flight sim I might add. It was a wonderful birthday present many moons ago and has bought me much pleasure over the years.
I was browsing ebay earlier and I noticed there appears to be a version 1.1 in existence (as I can clearly see "Version 1.1" printed on the disks). Presumably the budget releases were also 1.1. Does anyone know how the 1.1 version differs from the original release? Interestingly the 1.1 version seems to be by far the most popular one around too.

At the end of the opening credits to the game, mine says the following:

Version 1.0D3

Copyright (c) 1992
Rowan Software Ltd
Version 5/4/1993